How to make your Everest Base Camp Trek easier

How to make your Everest Base Camp Trek easier

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9th Apr, 2019

How to make your Everest Base Camp Trek easier

How to make your Everest Base Camp Trek easier than the usual one?

Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular trek when it comes to trekking in Nepal. No any trekking destination in Nepal can beat the name and fame of Everest Base Camp Trek.  The awe-inspiring landscapes and the ever friendly Sherpa’s is something probably everyone will answer, when questioned about Everest Base Camp Trek.  But in reality the Everest Base Camp trek has many more attractions than awe-inspiring landscapes and the hospitable Sherpa’s. For this you need to visit Everest Base Camp on your own because what you’ll see is indeed far better than what you hear. Everest Base Camp has the most strenuous trials which makes this trek difficult. To do this trek one must be physically fit and must be able to walk for about 6-7 hours in an unfamiliar terrain. Also there may be numbers of obstacle you may face while doing this trek like delay in Lukla Flight due to unfavorable weather condition, altitude sickness and others.  Not everyone is capable enough to do this trek but everyone once in a life has dreamed of it. For those who want to trek to Everest Base Camp but think they cannot accomplish it, we have a solution for you.

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Do you know we can make your Everest Base Camp trek easier?

Are you wondering how? Here’s, How to make your Everest Base Camp Trek easier than the usual one? Because each and every person don’t have the required physical fitness and energy to complete Everest Base Camp Trek we have concluded the following methods for making Everest Base Camp Trek easier than the usual one.

Step one: Fly to Lukla via Chartered Helicopter.

The Lukla Airport is considered as one of the most dangerous airstrips in the world because of its short airstrips and unpredictable weather. And because of the frequent change in the weather the flight to Lukla often gets delayed for several days or cancelled. To avoid the risk of getting the flights cancelled and have safe flight to Lukla you can fly via chartered helicopter from Kathmandu. You can fly via charted helicopter even in case of bad weather and is safer because it can be landed anywhere.

Step Two: Gorakshep to Lukla via Chartered Helicopter.

The several days trek can be more tiring and you may not have much energy after several days trek to EBC. Hence, after visiting Everest Base Camp you can directly fly back to Lukla via Chartered Helicopter. After reaching to Lukla you can directly fly to Kathmandu from Lukla aeroplane via flight. It also saves your budget.  

Step three:  Fly to Kathmandu directly from Gorakshep via Chartered Helicopter.

Since the Lukla flight gets delayed frequently you may have to wait for several days in Lukla in case of bad weather. To avoid the risk of getting the flights delayed and skip trekking back, you can directly fly to Kathmandu from Lukla. It will save a lot of your effort and energy.

 Step Four: One day tour to EBC via Chartered Helicopter.

If you eagerly want to see the Everest Base Camp but without trekking then, this is the perfect option for you. The one day tour takes you directly to the Everest Base Camp in a chartered helicopter. You will spend few minutes in Everest Base Camp and fly back to Kathmandu.  In this one day tour you cannot just reach the Everest Base Camp, but also get to explore the beauty of Khumbu or Everest region as well.  

Important Information

Because of the undergoing maintenance and reconstruction process of Tribhuvan International Airport all the flights to and from Lukla has been diverted to Ramechaap. To fly to Lukla you need to drive to Ramechhap which takes about 4 hours from Kathmandu. Since the availability of accommodation there is rare, one needs to drive there early at 2am to get the first flight. Since, it is a long way process and the flights may also get cancelled in case of bad weather. It is better to fly to Lukla from a chartered helicopter. We can arrange the Helicopter from Kathmandu which directly drops to Lukla from Kathmandu. Only basic accommodation is available at Ramechhap, an in case of bad weather trekkers may also have to stay there for several days or drive back to Kathmandu. So, helicopter is best option for you to fly to Lukla directly from Kathmandu.     NOTE: The trekkers are recommend to arrive a day earlier at Kathmandu before the start of Trek. It is because arriving a day earlier gives you ample time for rest and also you can buy the necessary trekking gears in Kathmandu in case you haven’t brought it with you. Also it is better if you are prepared for the unforeseeable weather of Everest Region with some additional days besides the trip schedule so that you won’t miss your International flight even if the Lukla flight is delayed or cancelled.   All our trekking packages are fully customizable. We can accommodate the trekking packages according to the preference and requirements of the customer. The above provided template is just a demonstration of what we offer.   NOTE:   During the trip, the unpredictable factors like, weather, local politics, transport and many more which are beyond our control can bring some change in the itinerary. In such case, if the alternation in the itinerary is necessary, then the trek leader will decide for the best alternative with the consent and interest of the whole group. If the change occurs we will do our best to minimize its effect; however the company cannot be responsible for the results of changes and delays.  

Flight Delay in Kathmandu and Lukla

Since, the weather in the Everest region is unpredictable and is likely to change every few hours, the Lukla flight often gets delayed or even cancelled. Lukla Airport is situated on a wonderful valley surrounded by high mountains. Landing and taking off from Lukla is considered to be difficult and technical. Therefore, Lukla is considered as the most dangerous airstrips in the world. Twin Otter and Dornier planes are the primary mode of transport to and from the airstrip at Lukla. This service is fairly dependable. However, if flight to and from Lukla are cancelled in case of bad weather conditions in Everest region, we can help you charter a helicopter upon your request to ensure you are on schedule for your trip and international flight connections. The helicopter charge is to be paid by the passengers themselves and can be reimbursed from their travel insurance later. The helicopter charges USD 2,500 to USD 3,000 per helicopter. The helicopter can carry up to 4 to 6 passengers at a time and the cost can be shared among the passengers. The company can help by providing necessary documents required to claim the amount from insurance company. The payment for helicopter must be paid at time of service by participant. US dollars cash or credit cards (Visa Cards, Master Cards, and American Express) are accepted for helicopter transport. Any card payment requires a 4% bank fee, which goes directly to the bank. The helicopter can fly if the visibility is 1500m or greater, while the twin otter and Dornier planes can fly if the visibility is 5000m or greater, as per Nepal’s Civil Aviation rules. If the weather is extreme and the visibility is lesser than 1,500m helicopters cannot be operated. In such case we will reschedule your flight for next day depending on the availability. If this situation keeps on getting repeated for many days then we will provide you with the alternative trek options.        

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