Steps to Find the Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal

Steps to Find the Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal

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16th Oct, 2018

Steps to Find the Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal

Steps to Find the Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal When you decide to go for a trekking it is very important to choose a good trekking agency. The agency you choose to travel with will have a significant role to make your journey the best and memorable one. Nepal is a small country and tourism plays an important role in its economy. There are thousands of trekking agencies in Nepal and if it is your first time then it is very difficult which one to choose for. Choosing the best trekking agency is a very critical decision and trusting anyone could be a matter of risk. So, the following tips might be helpful for you to decide the best trekking agencies in Nepal.

Table of Contents
  1. Know your want and expectations

Know about your want and expectations first before choosing an agency. First decide your travel destination and the services you are expecting. After that know whether the company will come up to your expectation and ask if they organize same kind of trekking that you are expecting or not. Your choices includes your budget, level of comfort, language of the guides, days of your trekking and other services you want.

  1. Is the Agency legally established?

You must need to know if your company is legally registered or not. Government registration and licenses are very important and if they have no government license then they are not legally authorized. The agency must be registered with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Cottage and Small Industry, Nepal Rastra Bank.  

  1. Client Reviews and Testimonials

The client’s reviews will help you to know better about the agency. The clients have mentioned about the behavior of the guides, the services of the company and the places. You can read the reviews of the clients on the company’s website and other sites like Trip advisor and lonely planet.

  1. Cost and Services

The cost may vary from company to company. Some company might offer you cheapest price but it is not good to run after the cheapest company because they might not offer you with quality services. Money is not just everything so if you are investing invest for good and choose for the company that will give you true value of Money.    

  1. Years of Experience

The longer the years of experience the better their services. While choosing the agency choose an agency with many years of experiences. The newly opened agencies with no experience may not overcome to your expectations. The reputation of the company will play a vital role in most of the trekking destination like Everest base camp. If the company has years of experience then the locals will be familiar to the company and also respect their guests and be extra hospitable which will be beneficial for you.

  1. Safety Standards

Accidents are unpredictable and trekking is regarded as the challenging and tough activities where accidents may occur frequently. When you are travelling to destinations like Everest region which also have some of the strenuous and isolated trials you need to be confirmed about the safety first. Be sure if they can be immediately available if needed or not. Check about the safety measures and history also know whether they have quick evacuation service and if their guides have their insurance or not.

  1. Agency and their guides

Know about the working team of the agency. They are the back bone of the agency and the company cannot run with efficient team members. Know what types of guides they have and if they are well experienced and have trekking license or not. An experienced guide is a must especially when you are trekking to Everest Base Camp. So, do know well about the agency and their guides.

  1. Interview with the guides

You can interview with the guides of trekking agencies before going on a trek. The guides play an efficient role for your travel experience and comfort. Do know if they overcome your expectations and have the capacity of understanding and responding to your questions or not.

  1. Goodwill and Reputation of the Agency

A reputed company will most likely to provide 100% services to the customer incase to maintain its goodwill and reputation in the market. It is better to choose a reputed agency to travel with.  

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