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Paro festival in Bhutan

Bhutan Paro Festival tour

Bhutan Paro Festival 2016 will start from 19th to 23rd March, this is Buddhist religion festival The Paro Tshechu is held every spring on the month of March and is one of the

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18th March 2016 arrival in  paro and overnight in hotel 

19th  March, 2016 (Inside the Dzong)  First Day


  • Dance of the Lord of Death and his Consort (Shinje Yab Yum) 
  • Dance of Lords of Cremations Grounds ( Durdag ) 
  • Dance of Black Hats ( Shanag) 
  • Dance of Drum from Dramistse (Dramitse Nacham) 
  • Dance of Eight kinds of Spirits (Degye ) 
  • Religious Song (Chhoeshey) 


20th March, 2016 (Outside the Dzong) Second Day


  • Dance of the Lord of Death and His Consort (Shinje Yab Yum) 
  • Dance of Black Hats with Drums (Shanag Nga Cham) 
  • Dance of three kinds of Ging with Sticks (Gynging) 
  • Dance of Lord of Cremation Ground (Durdag) 
  • Dance of three kinds of Ging with Drums (Driging) 
  • Dance of three kinds of Ging with Drums (Ngaging) 
  • Dance of Stage and the Hounds (Shawa Shachi) 1st part


21st March, 2016  Third Day


  • Dance of the Lords of the Cremation Grounds (Durdag) 
  • Dance of Terrifying Deities (Tungam) 
  • Dance of Heroes with six kinds of Ornaments (Guan Drug Pawo) Kyacham
  • Dance of Novel man and Ladies Lencham 
  • Dance of Stag and Hounds (2nd part) (Shawa Shacha) 


22nd March, 2016 Fourth Day

  • Dance of Lord of Death and His Consort (Shinje Yab Yum,) 
  • Dance of four Stags (Sha Tsam) 
  • Dance of Judgement of the Dead (Raksha Mangcham) 
  • Dance of the Drums from Dramitse ( Dramitse Nga Cham) 

23rd March, 2016 Final Day of the festival

  • Early morning the great Thanka (Thongdrol) is shown and Shugdrel Ceremony is performed. 
  • Dances of the Heroes (Pacham) 
  • Dance of Ging and Tsholing 
  • Dance of the Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche (Guru Tshen Gye) 
  • Dance of the Sixteen Fairies
  • Religious Song (Chhoeshey)

24th March 2016 Final departure from Bhutan toward own destination 

Paro festival in Bhutan

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$$1490 USD

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