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Cross Country Tour

Cross Country Tour includes the tour of more than one country in succession. Cross Country Tour covers the religion, culture, tradition and the highlighted places of the particular nation. Actual Adventure organizes the cross country tour of countries like Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet and Thailand that are similar in culture and tradition. It is always better to have cross country tour of similar and neighboring nation as it requires less time to travel and also makes tour easy to get involved in the similar environment. 

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours- Nepal

Lumbini Buddhist Pilgrimage tour

11 days Days

Customizable Trip Cost

Gautam Buddha formly known as Siddhartha Gautam was the son of King Suddhodnana and Queen Maya Devi. Gautam Buddha was born.....

Classical Nepal and India Tour

10 Days Days


Nepal is a land locked country situated in south Asia between great county such as India and China. India is the seventh largest.....

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan Tour

Nepal Tour

18 days Days

Customizable Trip Cost

If you are thinking of gaining beautiful experience in three Himalayan kingdoms Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan then this tour is best for.....

Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet Cross Country Tour

18 days Days

Customizable Trip Cost

The Himalayas cross five countries: Bhutan, India, Nepal, China, and Pakistan, with the first three countries having sovereignty over most of.....

Nepal and Bhutan Discover

Nepal Bhutan Discover

14 days Days

Customizable Trip Cost

Nepal and Bhutan are both landlocked countries, both are surrounded to the north by China and to the east, south.....

The Best of Thailand and Nepal Tour

Best of Thailand

Customizable Trip Cost

Thailand is located at the center of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. In this cross country tour we will.....

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