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Festival tour in Nepal

Nepal is not the only land of mountains but Nepal is also a land of festival. A wide variety of festivals are celebrated in Nepal. Different communities and ethnic groups observe different festivals. There are 366 festivals in Nepal including major and minor festivals.Most of the festivals are observed according to the lunar calendar. Therefore, the festivals do not have the specific day matching solar calendar or English calendar’s date.Dashain festival is the longest and considered to be the most important festival of Nepal. Dipawali (Tihar) brings the same joy to the Nepalese people. Other important festivals are  Holi, Losar, Buddha Jayanti, ChhatParba, Christmas, Ramadan and much more are observed here. MahaShivaratri, Janaipurnima (Rakhsyabandhan), Krishna Janmaasthami, Ram Nawami and so many festivals are also important.

Holi – The Colorful Festival

Holi festival in Nepal

07 Days

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Holi is one of the festivals observed among Hindu religion in Nepal. But now Holi is celebrated in many places.....

Festival tour in Nepal

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