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Karnali Excursion

Karnali region is one of the best trekking destination among various destinations in Nepal. The snow covered mountains, the high alpine meadows, the rocky cliffs, the thick forests, the human habitation and the aquatic world in descending order, which all form an integral part of Karnali Region. This is Nepal one of the restricted area that lies in the Northwestern Mountains Region. Though this is the off-beaten area of Nepal, people love to visit and explore the area.

In comparison to other region of Nepal this is less developed and unexplored but with the best landscape and ultimate natural beauty. To see real Nepal you have to visit Karnali Region  Destination like Rara Lake, Shey Phoksundo lake, Humla, Jumla, Dolpa are popular destination among tourists. Trekking to Karnali region offer chance to explore the unique lifestyle and culture of inhabitants.

 Rara Lake Trekking

Rara Lake is situated at the far end of the country.  Nepal is one of the most beautiful Lake bounded by richly forested hills. This lake is surrounded by Rara National Park. Most of the National Park area is covered with coniferous forest, Rhododendron, Black juniper, west Himalayan Spruce, Oak and Himalayan cypress vegetation. Rara National park is Nepal’s smallest and most scenic Park which covers just 106 square kilometer area. Established in 1976, this park is home of some Endangered animals like Red Panda, Common Langur and Rhesus Macaque. Also Rara National Park protects some of the most beautiful alpine and sub-alpine ecosystems of the Himalaya. 

 Dolpa Trekking

Dolpa located in Mid-western region of Nepal is one of the interesting trekking destinations for trekker. The exotic sites and natural scenery of Dolpa lures traveler all over the world, thus making it a must visit destination Trekking into this region gives an exposure to the High and Isolated Himalayan valleys, resembling the Tibetan highlands.

Only after 1989 Dolpa region is opened for trekking. Harsh weather combined with high hills makes this area one of the most inhospitable in Nepal, and yet the barren and majestic hills lend it a rare beauty that is absolutely mesmerizing. While trekking in Dolpa Region, trekker get the opportunity to explore immaculate snowy peaks, ancient and isolated villages, rich wildlife, reliable Buddhist Monastery and wonderful lakes and many other things. Its topography is very interesting. It contains the deepest lake of Nepal, Lake Phoksundo, which also happens to be the deepest lake of high altitude in the world.

Dolpa trekking starts at Juphal and follows the track to Dunai, then continues to Tarakot, way up to Bang la Camp, the uppermost point of Dolpa trekking. This unique trek is a combination adventure, nature tour and cultural exploration. You will be struck with the beauty of western Dolpo as you trek through interesting Hindu villages where the inhabitants follow both Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism, and speak a language unique to their region, past alpine meadows dotted with wildflowers overlooking magnificent snowy peaks, following rivers and mountain brooks. After passing through Sanu Bheri village, we then descend to the good-looking Phoksundo Lake, which is a piece of the Shey Phoksundo National Park.


Rara Lake Trekking

Rara Lake Trek

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Dolpo Explorer Trek

Dolpo Explorer Trek

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