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Mustang Trail Race

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The Mustang Trail race is a multistage trail running challenge through the wild, spiritually rich landscapes of Upper Mustang in Nepal. It is race of eight stages of around 15 to 30km totaling just under 200 km at altitudes between 2,900-4,300m (9,500-14,100ft) with 8200m (27,000ft) of elevation change. These distances are harder than they seem at these altitudes.

Stage by Stage

Route Km ↑/↓

Day 4, Tue, Apr 18th

Stage 1: Kagbeni to Tsaile 15km ↑538m ↓316m

↑0ft ↓0ft

Day 5, Wed, Apr 19th

Stage 2: Tsaile to Ghemi

27.5km ↑2202m ↓1694m

↑0ft ↓0ft

Day 6, Thu, Apr 20th

Stage 3: Ghemi to Lo Manthang

21km ↑1097m ↓849m

↑0ft ↓0ft

Day 7, Fri, Apr 21st

Lo Manthang – rest & acclimatisation

↑0m ↓0m

↑0ft ↓0ft

Day 8, Sat, Apr 22nd

Stage 4: Lo Manthang to Konchok Ling

29.1km ↑1063m ↓1063m

↑0ft ↓0ft

Day 9, Sun, Apr 23rd

Stage 5: Lo Manthang to Yara

16km ↑650m ↓835m

↑0ft ↓0ft

Day 10, Mon, Apr 24th

Stage 6: Yara to Tanggye

18.3km ↑782m ↓-1312m

↑0ft ↓0ft

Day 11, Tue, Apr 25th

Stage 7: Tanggye to Chuksang

23.9km ↑1168m ↓1523m

↑0ft ↓0ft

Day 12, Wed, Apr 26th

Stage 8: Chuksang to Jomsom via Muktinath

15.1km ↑1184m ↓484m

↑0ft ↓0ft

Route Map:

Mustang Trail Race
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