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Trans Himalaya Trekking

The Trans Himalayan Trail is a network of treks and trails which together form one of the longest and highest walking routes in the world. Winding beneath the world’s highest peaks and visiting some of the most remote communities on earth; it passes through lush green valleys, arid high plateau and stunning landscapes.

Nepal’s Trans Himalaya has 10 sections comprising a network of upper and lower routes starting near Kanchenjunga on the eastern border then heading west navigating the domains of eight of the world’s 8,000m peaks, from the beautiful but lesser-known Makalu to the famous Everest. It is certainly neither the easiest nor the most direct route across Nepal, but rather it is a challenging and spectacular traverse through the Greater Himalaya. After 1,700kms, in Nepal, The Trail ends in Humla on the Tibetan border.

The route offers awesome diversity, not only in terms of landscapes but also of flora and fauna, peoples and cultures, from snow leopards to red pandas, from sub-tropical jungle to fragile high-altitude eco-systems, from Sherpa to Shamanism and the ancient Bon Buddhism found still in Dolpa.

Around Dhaulagiri circuit trek

21 days Days

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Being the altitude of 8,167m The Dhaulagiri is the 7th highest mountain in the world .This is one of the.....

Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trekking and the Shey Gompa starts from Jhupal village

25 Days


Upper dolpo trekking is one of the significant trekking packages of Actual Adventure Private Limited. We are organizing this trekking.....

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