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Travels Insurance

Travel insurance is  a circumstance of joining any of the holiday’s trip that you are assured against medical and personal accidental risks (to include repatriation costs, air ambulance and helicopter salvage services with a minimum of risk coverage, Medical Expenses, lost luggage, unexpected travel delays bad weather and Emergency emigration) in foreign countries. We also sturdily advise that you take out delayed departure and cancellation insurance, as all deposits paid are non-refundable. Please ensure that your insurer is aware of your Actual Adventure itinerary and can have the same opinion to cover the activities being undertaken. 

Life is unpredictable; some trips need to be cancelled so with travel insurance, travelers shouldn’t have to pay for a trip they are unable to attain. Travel insurance will assist you in locating a pharmacy to procure a new prescription. It helps you to return your lost luggage if you lost or it provides coverage to replace needed items right away. 30%-50% of travelers stateside and abroad become ill or injured during their trip so travel insurance can provide peace of mind.

In the event of natural disasters airline strike or act of intimidation and don’t refund the cost of your ticket but travel insurance can cover your cost and help travelers get home hastily and securely. Excursion tour workers often need that you buy travel insurance. If a travel line, airline or tour operator finish processes due to financial difficulty or insolvency, travel insurance saves travelers from paying for a trip they'll really never get to take. The loss of a job or other income might mean a trip planned in advance may have to wait. Travel insurance puts cash back into the hands of travelers when they need it most.

 Your travel insurance should cover

1) Activity (i.e. Touring, trekking or mountaineering)

2) Maximum altitude reached on trek

3) Helicopter evacuation in an emergency. It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for this trip.

 ·        Repatriation costs

·         Medical Expenses

·        Lost luggage

·        Unexpected travel delays

·        Bad weather and Emergency emigration


You can have your insurance where you like in your hometown or as you were recommended but you must have your travel insurance.

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