Kathmandu - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour in Nepal
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Kathmandu - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour in Nepal

Nepal has 10% of the world bird species. The steep landscape ranging from tropical forests of the south to the Mt Everest at the top of the world, makes diverse environment for over 915 species of the birds to thrive.

Fact About Trip

Trip Duration:

8 Days

Trekking area:

Phulchoki and Naga arjun

Cost of trekking:

depend upon request

Group Size:

minimum 2 people

Maximum altitude:

415 m

Best Season:

All seasons


Private car / bus

Trekking grade:


Trek Start from:


Trek End at:


Mode of Trek:


Overview of Kathmandu - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour in Nepal

Actual Adventure projects Nepal Birds Watching Tour of 8 days which covers the major birding places in Kathmandu and Chitwan National Park. This birding tour is best for bird lovers to research and photography. Nepal is Paradise to bird lovers. There are 915 species of birds in Nepal including Nepal’s National bird pheasant (Dhape), peregrine falcon in kathmandu valley and many endanger birds. Among 915 species, one species is endemic, one has been introduced by human and 42 of the birds' species are globally threatened.

Nepal's abundant biodiversity thrives within its compact size, owing to its diverse topography and climates. This creates a range of habitats, making Nepal a true haven for bird enthusiasts. With 873 bird species, including the iconic national pheasant (Dhape), Nepal offers a paradise for avian aficionados.

Birds Watching in Kathmandu

The splendor of Nepal's birdlife is showcased in habitats like wetlands, lakes, lush forests, and Himalayan terrains. Within the historically and culturally rich Kathmandu Valley, nearly 500 bird species flourish. Prime bird watching locales include Shivpuri Conservation Area, Nagarkot, Phulchoki Area, Godavari Area, Nagarjun Area, Bagmati River Side, and Taudaha.

Birds Watching in Chitwan

Chitwan's diverse landscape further enhances the bird watching experience. As part of the Annapurna Conservation Area and Sagarmatha National Park, these regions offer not only bird diversity but also sweeping mountain vistas and encounters with local traditions.

Nepal Birds Watching Tour offer an immersive journey that not only celebrates avian life but also unveils stunning mountain panoramas, wildlife encounters, and insights into local culture. Join us to explore the fascinating world of Nepal's feathered residents amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Kathmandu - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour in Nepal Itinerary
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Arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport and transfer to a Hotel. Overnight stay in Kathmandu.
As your plane touches down at Tribhuvan International Airport, the excitement of your Nepal journey begins. Stepping off the aircraft, you'll be welcomed by the gentle buzz of the airport, a mix of languages and cultures converging. 
Here's what you can expect in detail during your arrival and transfer to the hotel:

Arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport:
As you disembark the plane and enter the terminal, follow the signs for immigration and visa processing.
Depending on your nationality, you may need to obtain a visa on arrival or have already arranged for a pre-approved visa.

Immigration and Visa Processing:
Queue up at the visa counter and fill out the necessary forms provided by the immigration authorities.
Present your passport, visa application form, and a passport-sized photograph.
Pay the visa fee (if not prepaid) in the specified currency (usually USD) or as per the current regulations.
Once your visa is processed, collect the necessary stamps and documentation.

Baggage Claim and Customs:
Proceed to the baggage claim area to collect your luggage.
Customs officials might conduct random checks, but most travellers can proceed without much hassle.

Exiting the Arrival Hall:
After clearing customs, you'll enter the main arrival hall where you'll find a crowd of people, including airport staff, drivers, and tourists.
Look for a placard with your name held by a Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd's representative. This person will assist you with the next steps.

Meet and Greet:
The Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd's representative will greet you, help with your luggage, and provide any necessary information about your stay.
They will guide you to the designated vehicle for your transfer to the hotel.

Transfer to the Hotel:
Once in the vehicle, sit back and enjoy your first glimpses of Kathmandu. The drive from the airport to the city will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic.
As you drive through the streets of Kathmandu, you'll see a blend of traditional and modern architecture, bustling markets, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Arrival at the Hotel:
Upon reaching your hotel, the hotel staff will welcome you and assist with the check-in process.
You'll receive your room keys, and the staff will provide information about the hotel facilities, meal timings, and any additional services.

Rest and Leisure:
After the long journey, take some time to relax in the comfort of your room.
If you're up for it, you can explore the immediate surroundings of the hotel or take a leisurely stroll in the neighbourhood.

Overnight Stay in Kathmandu:
Your first day in Kathmandu concludes with a cosy overnight stay in the hotel.
Use this time to adjust to the local time zone, refresh yourself, and prepare for the adventures that lie ahead.

all meals during trek including tea and coffee 

Drive to Godavari National Botanical Garden, Short Hike to Phulchowki Hill, and Explore Bird Species

 Today we go for short hike to Phulchowki area for birds watching.

Morning Preparation:
Enjoy a hearty breakfast at our hotel in Kathmandu to fuel up for the day's activities.
Ensure we've dressed comfortably with sturdy walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and carry a small backpack with essentials like water, snacks, a camera, and binoculars.

Departure to Godavari:
Before deaprture to Godavari, we'll meet our guide and driver in the hotel lobby.Then after,
we'll drive to Godavari National Botanical Garden, which is approximately a 30-40 minute drive from Kathmandu.

Godavari National Botanical Garden:
Arriving  at the entrance of the Godavari National Botanical Garden, a lush and serene haven for plant and bird enthusiasts.
At the entrance we'll pay the entrance fee (if applicable) and start our exploration of this beautiful garden.

Short Hike to Phulchowki Hill:
Begin our hike towards Phulchowki Hill, the highest point in the Kathmandu Valley at an elevation of about 2,782 meters (9,127 feet).
The hike is relatively short but can be steep in some sections, so take your time and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Bird Watching and Nature Exploration:
As we ascend, keep an eye out for various bird species that inhabit this area. Phulchowki is renowned for being a bird watcher's paradise, with a rich diversity of avian life.
Our guide will point out different bird species, helping us identify them and sharing interesting facts about their behavior and habitat.

Picnic Lunch:
Reach a suitable spot on the hill for a picnic lunch. We'll enjoy a packed meal surrounded by stunning panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley and the distant Himalayan peaks.

Continued Bird Watching:
After lunch, we'll  continue our bird watching expedition, moving through different habitats and elevations.
Binoculars and a good field guide will be invaluable as we spot various species, from colorful Himalayan birds to elusive forest dwellers.We cantake photograph of these birds spotted in Phulchoki.

Sunset Views and Descent:
As the day draws to a close, we'll enjoy the breathtaking sunset views from Phulchowki Hill. The changing colors of the sky over the valley and mountains make for a magical experience.
Later on, we'll start our descent back to the Godavari National Botanical Garden.

Return to Hotel:
We'll meet our driver at the garden's entrance and board the vehicle for the return journey to our hotel in Kathmandu.

Overnight Stay in Hotel:
Arrive back at our hotel, tired but content after a day of bird watching and hiking.
Take a well-deserved shower and relax in the comfort of our room.
Reflect on the day's experiences and the incredible bird species we encountered.

Dinner and Rest:
We'll enjoy a delicious dinner at the hotel's restaurant, savoring the flavors of Nepalese cuisine.
Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

all meals during trip including tea and coffee 

Short Drive to Budhanilkantha, Entering Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, Explore Bird Species.

Morning Start:
Begin our day with a wholesome breakfast at our hotel in Kathmandu.
Wear comfortable outdoor attire, sturdy shoes, and pack our essentials including water, snacks, binoculars, camera, hat, and sunscreen.

Drive to Budhanilkantha:
We'll meet our guide and driver in the hotel lobby.
Embark on a short drive to Budhanilkantha, a suburb of Kathmandu famous for its stunning colossal statue of Lord Vishnu reclining on a serpent.

Arrival at Budhanilkantha:
Arrive at the site of the Budhanilkantha Temple, where we'll find the awe-inspiring statue.
Spend some time appreciating the religious and artistic significance of the temple.

Entering Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park:
After exploring Budhanilkantha, we'll continue our journey towards Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, which encompasses the hills and forests around the Kathmandu Valley.
The park is known for its diverse flora and fauna, including a 177 of bird species.

Bird Watching and Nature Exploration:
Enter the park with the guidance of our naturalist guide.
As we walk through the forested trails, keep our eyes and ears open for the calls of different bird species.
Our guide will help us identify the birds and provide interesting insights into their behavior and habitat.

Picnic Lunch:
 In between the trek, we'll find a suitable spot within the park for a picnic lunch. Enjoy a meal amidst nature's tranquility.

Continued Bird Watching:
Resuming our bird watching expedition, we'll explore different parts of the park. The park's elevation and varied ecosystems make it a hotspot for avian biodiversity.

Sunset Views and Relaxation:
If time permits, aim to reach a viewpoint within the park to witness the stunning sunset over the Kathmandu Valley.
Take in the breathtaking scenery and capture the golden hues of the fading sun.

Return back and overnight Stay in Hotel:
Arrive back at our hotel, where we can freshen up and relax after a day of exploration.
Take some time to review your bird watching notes and photos.

 Dinner and Reflection:
We'll enjoy dinner at the hotel's restaurant, savoring the flavors of local cuisine.
Reflect on the day's experiences and the bird species we encountered in the national park.

Restful Night:
With a sense of accomplishment and a greater appreciation for Nepal's natural beauty, we'll retire to our room for a well-deserved night's rest.

all meals during trek including tea and coffee 

Drive from Kathmandu to Chitwan and Overnight Stay in Sauraha 

Morning Departure:
We'll begin our day with an early breakfast at our hotel in Kathmandu.
Make sure we have all your belongings packed and ready for the journey.

Meet Your Guide and Driver:
We'll meet our guide and driver in the hotel lobby.
They will help us load our luggage into the vehicle and ensure everything is set for the road trip.

Drive to Chitwan:
Embark on a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Chitwan. The journey takes approximately 4-5 hours, covering a distance of about 170 kilometers (105 miles).
The road winds through picturesque landscapes, passing by terraced fields, charming villages, and eventually descending into the lowlands.

En Route Stop:
Depending on the route taken, there might be a break for a restroom stop or a chance to stretch our legs and have a lunch along the way.and continue our journey.
Our guide can share local insights about the places we pass through, enhancing our cultural understanding of the region.

Arrival in Sauraha:
Arrive at Sauraha, a vibrant town located on the outskirts of Chitwan National Park.
Sauraha is a popular gateway for exploring the park and its wildlife.

Check-in to the Hotel:
Check-in to our hotel in Sauraha. The lodges and resorts in this area often offer comfortable accommodations that blend modern amenities with a touch of local ambiance.

Free Time and Exploration:
After checking in and settling into our room, we'll have some free time to relax or explore the surroundings.
Stroll around Sauraha, visit local shops, or simply enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

Evening Activities:
Depending on the schedule and availability, we'll have the option to engage in evening activities organized by the hotel or The Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd.
This could include a Tharu cultural dance performance, where we can witness traditional dance and music of the local Tharu community.

Overnight Stay in Sauraha:
Our day concludes with a comfortable overnight stay in our hotel.
Take this time to rest and prepare for the exciting days of wildlife exploration and bird watching ahead.

Dinner at the Hotel:
Enjoy a delightful dinner at the hotel's restaurant, sampling a variety of Nepalese and international cuisine.

Reflect and Rest:
Reflect on the journey from Kathmandu to Chitwan and the anticipation of the upcoming adventures.
As we settle into your room, fall asleep with the sounds of the jungle and the excitement of exploring Chitwan National Park on your mind.

all meals during trek including tea and coffee 

Elephant Safari in the Morning and Jeep Safari in Chitwan National Park 

Early Morning Wake-up:
Rise early and start our day with a fresh start.
Have a light breakfast at our hotel in Sauraha, preparing for an exciting day of wildlife exploration.

Elephant Safari:
We'll head to the designated meeting point for the elephant safari. As the Elephant Safari will on time schedule of two shift morning and evening. We'll be in first shift and will enjoy this safari for 3 hours.
The experienced mahouts (elephant handlers) will introduce us to our gentle giant companion for the safari.

Explore the Jungle on Elephant Back:
Embark on an unforgettable elephant safari into Chitwan National Park.
The elevated vantage point atop the elephant allows for excellent wildlife viewing, including various bird species, deer, rhinos, and maybe even tigers if luck is on your side.

Return to the Hotel:
After the elephant safari, we'll return to our hotel for a hearty breakfast.
Take some time to relax and rejuvenate before the next adventure.

Jeep Safari:
In the later part of the morning, we'll get ready for a thrilling jeep safari within Chitwan National Park.
Board the safari jeep with our guide and driver, and venture deeper into the park's diverse habitats.

Wildlife Watching and Bird Spotting:
During the jeep safari, keep a keen eye out for various wildlife, including a wide range of bird species.
The guide will provide insights about the birds we encounter, their behavior, and the ecosystems they inhabit.


We'll go to nearest restuarant to have our lunch in sauraha and continue the jeep safari.

Continue the Jeep Safari:
We'll resume the jeep safari after lunch, exploring different parts of the park.
Chitwan National Park's varied landscapes, from grasslands to forests, provide habitats for an array of birdlife.

Return to the Hotel:
As the day's safari activities come to an end, we'll head back to our hotel in Sauraha.

Free Time and Leisure:
Upon our return to the hotel, we'll have some leisure time to unwind and relax.
Consider taking a refreshing shower or enjoying a cup of tea while reflecting on the day's incredible wildlife sightings.

Dinner at the Hotel:
Enjoy a delicious dinner at the hotel's restaurant, sharing stories and experiences from the day with fellow travelers.

Overnight Stay in Chitwan:
Our day concludes with a peaceful night's sleep in the comfort of our hotel.
Fall asleep with the memories of the elephant and jeep safaris and the anticipation of the next day's adventures.

all meals during trip including tea and coffee 

Birding at Bishajari Taal and Tiger Taal, Jeep Safari

Morning Departure:
Start our day with an early breakfast at our hotel in Sauraha.
we'll gather our bird watching gear, including binoculars, camera, field guide, and any other essentials.

Jeep Safari to Bishajari Taal:
Meet our guide and driver, and board the safari jeep for an exciting journey to Bishajari Taal.
The drive through the park's terrain provides opportunities for wildlife spotting even before we reach our destination.

 Bishajari Taal Exploration:
Arrive at Bishajari Taal, a serene wetland known for its bird diversity.
With our guide's expertise, we'll start our birding adventure, identifying various avian species that call this wetland home.

Tiger Taal Visit:
After birding at Bishajari Taal, we'll continue our journey to Tiger Taal, another important water body within Chitwan National Park.
Tiger Taal is known for its picturesque surroundings and potential wildlife sightings.

Bird Watching and Wildlife Spotting:
We'll spend time at Tiger Taal, engaging in bird watching and wildlife spotting.
The water bodies attract a wide variety of bird species, making it an ideal location for bird enthusiasts.

Picnic Lunch:
Enjoy a picnic lunch amidst the natural beauty of Tiger Taal.
Savor our meal surrounded by the sounds of nature and the possibility of bird sightings.

Jeep Safari Exploration:
After lunch, we'll embark on a jeep safari exploration  around Narayani river side where we can take photograph for memories.
Keep your eyes peeled for more bird species, as well as other wildlife that may cross your path.

Return to the Hotel:
As the day's birding and safari activities come to an end, return to our hotel in Sauraha.

Evening Leisure:
Upon our return, we can enjoy some leisure time to rest and relax.
Use this time to review our bird watching notes, sort through our photographs, or simply unwind.

Dinner at the Hotel:
Enjoy a delectable dinner at the hotel's restaurant, sharing our day's birding experiences with fellow travelers.

Overnight Stay in Chitwan:
Our day concludes with a peaceful night's sleep, surrounded by the memories of the day's bird sightings and safari adventures.

all meals during trip including tea and coffee 

Bird Watching at Mohana Farms and Return to Kathmandu

Early Morning Start:
Begin our day with an early wake-up call and a light breakfast at our hotel in Sauraha.
Make sure we have all our bird watching equipment ready.

Departure to Mohana Farms:
We'll meet our guide and driver, and board the vehicle for a drive to Mohana Farms.
Mohana Farms is located in the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park and offers excellent opportunities for bird watching.

Birding at Mohana Farms:
Arriving  at Mohana Farms, we'll  start our bird watching adventure.
The diverse vegetation and water bodies in this area attract a wide range of bird species.

Explore the Habitat:
Accompanied by our expert guide, explore the various habitats within Mohana Farms, including wetlands, grasslands, and woodlands.
Keep our binoculars ready to spot and identify different bird species.

Lunch at Mohana Farms:
Enjoy a satisfying lunch at Mohana Farms, allowing us to relax and recharge in the midst of nature.

Afternoon Return to Sauraha:
After a fulfilling morning of bird watching, we'll return to our hotel in Sauraha.

Preparations for Return:
Take some time to freshen up, we'll pack our belongings, and complete any necessary check-out procedures.

Fly Back to Kathmandu:
Depart from Sauraha and head to Bharatpur Airport for our flight back to Kathmandu.
The short flight provides a convenient and quick way to travel between Chitwan and the capital city.

Arrival in Kathmandu:
Upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, we'll be greeted by the hustle and bustle of the city.
Our guide and driver will be waiting to transfer us to our hotel.

Check-in and Relaxation:
Check in to our hotel in Kathmandu and take some time to relax after the day's activities.

Farewell Dinner:
In the evening, enjoy a special farewell dinner at a local restaurant, celebrating the successful completion of our bird watching adventure.

Overnight Stay in Kathmandu:
Our day concludes with a comfortable overnight stay at our hotel in Kathmandu.

all meals during trip including tea and coffee 

Departure from Kathmandu 

Final Morning in Kathmandu:
Wake up for our last morning in Kathmandu.
Pack your belongings, ensuring you have all your travel documents, personal items, and souvenirs.

Check-out and Hotel Settlement:
Complete the check-out process at the hotel reception.
If you have any outstanding bills or expenses, settle them during this time.

Leisure Time:
Depending on your flight schedule, you might have some leisure time to explore the local area, do some last-minute shopping, or simply relax at the hotel.

Airport Transfer:
Meet your guide and driver in the hotel lobby, who will assist you with your luggage.
Board the vehicle and embark on your transfer to Tribhuvan International Airport.

Departure Formalities:
Arrive at the airport and proceed through the necessary check-in and security procedures.
Make sure to have your passport, flight tickets, and any required documents readily accessible.

Bid Farewell to Nepal:
As you wait for your departure, take a moment to reflect on your memorable bird watching tour and other experiences in Nepal.
Use this time to maybe purchase some last-minute souvenirs or gifts.

Boarding and Departure:
When the time comes, board your flight back home or to your next destination.
Bid farewell to the stunning landscapes and warm hospitality of Nepal.


Kathmandu - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour in Nepal Include / Exclude

Cost Includes

  • Private Transportation ( With air condition ) 
  • Drive from  Kathmandu to Bharatpur, Chitwan in private vehicle. and returning back to Kathmandu on flight from Chitwan Airport. (with tax )
  • 8 nights hotel with daily breakfast ( Raddisson or sunset view ,Godawori village resort  /  Hotel green park or similar 
  • All jungle activities in Chitwan ( Elephant ride, Village tour, Cultural programe) after bird watching 
  • 8 Lunch / 7 Dinner
  • (1 night Nepalese Dinner with Culture show)
  • All Entrance fees per itinerary, national park entrance fee
  • English speaking guide bird watching guide.
  • Insurance for Nepali team

Cost Excludes

  • International Airfare to and from  kathmandu
  • Nepal Visa fee (US$ 25 per person for 15 days)
  • Tips for guide & Driver 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Items of personal nature i.e. Soft/hard drinks, Tips etc.
  • Expenses incurred due to mishaps, landslide, strikes, political unrest etc. In such case extra will be charged as per actual
  • Anything not specified in cost include section.

Altitude Graph

Additional Information

Equipment Check List

Bird Watching Binoculars

Binocular Accessories

Spotting Scopes



Bird Watching Hides

Clothing And Accessories

field bag, a rucksack or daypack or a bum bag

Bird spot in Kathmandu

Phulchowki, Nagaarjun hill and Taudaha lake in kritipur

 Although the birds are socialize to human, they need home for their habitat. In Kathmandu, there are specific sites where variety of birds are found. They are Phulchowki, Shivapuri Naga arjuna National Park and around the Taudaha lake. 

Phulchowki Hill

Phulchoki (literally flower-covered hill) is the highest hill (2762m) in Kathmandu valley. This triple-peaked hill is 20 kms southeast from Kathmandu centre. 

Phulchowki is the famous hiking destination in its loveliest jungle around and the best place for birding in Kathmandu. Starting at the Godavari Botanical Garden (1,520 m) and slowly walking up to the summit of Phulchowki hill (2,760 m), you can expect to see upwards of one hundred species in a day.

About 265 species of birds have been recorded in this route including Rufous-bellied and Crimson-breasted Woodpeckers, Rusty-cheeked Scimitar-babbler, Rufous Sibia, Rufous-winged, Nepal and White-browed Fulvettas, Green-tailed Sunbird, Cutia, Blue-winged Minla, Stripe-throated and Whiskered Yuhinas, Red-flanked Bluetail etc. 

We encounter with the variety species of birds in the Phulchoki area throughout the year but we assume the spring season is the best for bird watching because in this time, many of the birds are migrates to different location for breeding or temperature maintaining.

Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park

Bird watching in the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is a delightful day trip near Kathmandu valley. Shivapuri is declared as a National Park in 2003 A.D. This is situated in the north of Kathmandu valley, 7 km far from Kathmandu ring road and 12 km far from Kathmandu city center. There are many entry points but the headquarters of this park is north of the Budhanilkantha temple, called Muhan Pokhari where there is a military check post.

 This National Park is guarded by Nepal Army. As it is protected area where no huanting is legallized, all the living species feel safe and ensure the home inside the areas. Suresh Sakya, Nepali ornithologist has been studying the birds of this region says the charming aspect of bird watching in Shivapuri is the forests has not been explored and this has been the home for 318 species of birds.

It is the best place for those who are interested in birds researches and explore. 

Taudaha lake for birds watching 

Thaudaha is the small lake located in Kritipur  inside Kathmandu Valley. This lake is also home for many birds species. Those birds who loves to stay near the water settle around the Taudaha. Many birds migrate from the one place to take advantage of burgeoning insect populations, budding plants and an abundance of nesting locations. As winter approaches and the availability of insects and other food drops, the birds move south again.

During migration of birds, they rest in Taudaha, spend the time and move to the nothern side for the purpose.



How to book safari in Chitwan National Park?


Booking and Client Safety.

No worry, Our Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd will provide you a booking facilities as it is a reputed travel agency in Nepal, Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd is the one you can always count on when it comes to your safety and booking procedures. We make sure that your money is in the right hand and you can always trust us. Actual Adventure Pvt.Ltd has the following booking terms and conditions. If your booking is accepted by us then a contract is deemed to exist between you and The Actual Adventure Ltd. At this point we will send you a confirmation invoice showing the amount of deposit received and your final balance due. Now you can go ahead and book your international flights and obtain travel insurance.


Booking Conditions:

While making your trip with us, you are requested to deposit at least 30% of the total amount prior to 30 days of your arrival and the remaining amount can be submitted in the office upon arrival.

Booking Process

To book a trip from Actual Adventure Pvt.Ltd you will need to follow certain processes which are mentioned below.

Step 1: Send us an inquiry using inquiry form, email or call us

Step 2: Discuss and fix the trek itinerary and price.

Step 3: Send us the deposit required to confirm the trip.

Step 4: Send us your Passport copies, Insurance copies, two passport sized photos and others (if                   necessary)

 Step 5: Come to Nepal pay the remaining amount and start the trek.


Bank Account for the payment to wire transfers

Actual Adventure (P) Ltd.

Branch Code: 016 A/C No. 01030026257
Paying Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd
Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dollar Account

Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd.
Currency General Account (USD) 016-010 100 23199
Paying Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd
Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal


For Indian Currency

Kedar Neupane
A/C No.: 17715241406570 NPR

Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.

26 Durbar Marg
P.O.Box. No. 6049 GPO, Kathmandu
Phone: +977-14253243 / 4230809

Bank service charge should be paid by the clients themselves at the time of deposit.

Cacellation Policies

Cancellation Policy.
If our clients fail to make their trip or want to cancel their program due to any unavoidable circumstances, the company will refund only 70% of the deposited amount. However if you inform prior to 30 days before the trek no cancelation charge will be taken.

Cancellation Policy:

Treks & tours booked and subsequently canceled are subject to cancellation charges as follow:-


30 days prior:

No cancellation charge.

Within 21 days:


Within 14 days:


Within 7 days:



Do we get internet facilities in between the Kathmandu and Chitwan birds watching tour?

Yes, you can generally expect to have access to internet facilities between Kathmandu and Chitwan during your birdwatching tour. Both Kathmandu and Chitwan have reasonably good internet connectivity, although the quality and coverage may vary depending on the specific areas you visit within each location.

Here's what you can expect:


Kathmandu, being the capital city of Nepal, has well-developed internet infrastructure. Most hotels, restaurants, cafes, and public places offer Wi-Fi connectivity for tourists. You should be able to easily find internet access in most parts of the city.


Chitwan is a popular tourist destination and is also likely to have decent internet connectivity, especially in and around major hotels, lodges, and tourist areas. While the connectivity may not be as extensive as in Kathmandu, you should still be able to find internet facilities in many places.

However, keep in mind the following tips:


While internet is available, the quality and speed of the connection might vary. It's a good idea to have realistic expectations, especially in more remote or rural areas.

Local SIM Cards:

If having reliable internet is important to you, consider purchasing a local SIM card upon your arrival in Nepal. This can give you access to mobile data networks, allowing you to have internet connectivity wherever you go.

Offline Resources:

Since you might encounter areas with limited or no internet access, it's a good idea to download bird identification apps, maps, and any other resources you might need for birdwatching before you start your trip.

Plan Ahead:

If you're relying on internet access for communication or planning, it's best to confirm the availability of Wi-Fi or mobile data with your accommodations or tour operator before you travel.


Which bird is found in Chitwan National Park?

Chitwan National Park, located in Nepal, is home to a diverse range of bird species due to its varied ecosystems, including grasslands, wetlands, and forests. In Chitwan National Park, There are altogether 540 species of birds. Some of the bird species that can be found in Chitwan National Park include:

Bengal Florican

Great Hornbill

Lesser Adjutant

White-rumped Vulture

Black Stork

Red Junglefowl

Indian Peafowl

Spotted Eagle

White-throated Kingfisher

Oriental Darter

Ruddy Shelduck

Sarus Crane

Rufous-winged Bushlark

Black-winged Kite

Which place in Nepal is known as bird's Paradise?

The place in Nepal that is often referred to as a "bird's paradise" is the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is located in the eastern part of Nepal, near the Koshi River and the Koshi Barrage. It is renowned for its rich birdlife and is considered one of the prime bird-watching destinations in Nepal and even in South Asia.

The reserve is home to a wide variety of bird species, including both migratory and resident birds. The wetlands and marshes of Koshi Tappu provide an ideal habitat for numerous waterfowl, waders, and other avian species. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts visit the reserve to witness the diverse birdlife, which includes various species of ducks, herons, storks, ibises, cranes, and more.

In addition to its impressive bird population, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve also supports various other wildlife, such as wild water buffaloes, gharials (a type of crocodile), and other mammals and reptiles.

Overall, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve offers a unique opportunity for bird enthusiasts to experience the beauty and diversity of Nepal's avian fauna in a natural and tranquil environment.

What is the best time for bird watching?

The best time for birdwatching can vary depending on factors such as the location, the types of birds you're interested in observing, and the local climate. However, there are some general guidelines you can consider when planning your birdwatching trips:

Migration Seasons:

Many bird species migrate during spring and fall. Spring migration usually occurs from March to May, while fall migration is typically from September to November. During these periods, you can witness a variety of bird species as they travel to and from their breeding and wintering grounds.

Breeding Season:

Late spring and early summer, which is usually from April to June in the Northern Hemisphere, is a great time to observe birds engaged in breeding activities. Many birds are more active, vocal, and visible as they establish territories and care for their young.

Winter Months:

In some regions, the winter months can also be a good time for birdwatching, as certain species that are not present during the breeding season migrate to these areas to escape colder climates.

Early Morning and Late Afternoon:

Regardless of the season, early morning and late afternoon tend to be the best times for birdwatching. During these times, many birds are more active, feeding, singing, and displaying.

Avoid Harsh Weather:

Harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, or extreme heat can make birdwatching less enjoyable and may lead to fewer bird sightings. It's generally better to choose days with mild and stable weather.

Local Expertise:

If you're visiting a specific area, consider consulting with local birdwatching clubs, guides, or experts who are familiar with the region. They can provide valuable insights on the best times to spot specific bird species and the local birdwatching hotspots.

Research and Planning:

Before your trip, research the target bird species and their behaviors. This will help you understand their habits and increase your chances of spotting them.

How much does it cost for Kathmandu and Chitwan birds watching tour for 8 days?

The cost of a Kathmandu and Chitwan birdwatching tour for 8 days can vary widely based on several factors, including the level of accommodation, transportation, guided tours, activities included, and the tour operator you choose.

A very rough estimate for an 8-day birdwatching tour in Kathmandu and Chitwan could range from $800 to $2000 or more per person. This estimate includes accommodation, transportation, meals, activities, and potential guided tours.

Here's a rough estimate to give you an idea, but keep in mind that prices can change over time and can vary greatly based on individual preferences:


Accommodation costs can vary from budget guesthouses to luxury hotels. On average, budget options might cost around $20 to $50 per night, while mid-range to luxury accommodations can range from $80 to $200 or more per night.


Transportation costs will depend on how you plan to travel between Kathmandu and Chitwan, as well as any transportation within the destinations. If you're using private transportation or domestic flights, this can add to the cost. Domestic flights within Nepal can vary in price, but they might range from $100 to $200 or more per person one way.

Guided Tours:

If you're planning to hire a birdwatching guide or join organized birdwatching tours, this will also contribute to the cost. Guided tours can vary widely in price, depending on the expertise of the guides and the inclusions of the tour.


The cost of activities such as entry fees to national parks, birdwatching excursions, and other tours will also add to the overall expenses.

Meals and Incidentals:

Food, beverages, and incidentals will also factor into the cost. Eating at local restaurants can be affordable, but dining at higher-end establishments can increase costs.

How much is the entry fee for Chitwan National Park?

The entry fees for Chitwan National Park in Nepal were as follows:

Foreign Nationals:

SAARC Countries: NPR 1,500 (approximately $12 USD)

Other Foreign Nationals: NPR 3,000 (approximately $24 USD)

Nepali Nationals:

Adults: NPR 100

Children (10-18 years): NPR 20

Do we have to pay entrance fee in Pulchowki Hill trek?

There is no specific entrance fee required for the Pulchowki Hill trek in Nepal. Pulchowki Hill is a popular trekking destination near Kathmandu, known for its lush forests and diverse birdlife.

However, keep in mind that regulations and policies can change over time, and it's always a good idea to check with local authorities.

How much is the entry fee for Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park?

The entry fee for Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park in Nepal varied based on nationality and the type of visitor (foreign nationals, SAARC nationals, and Nepali nationals). Please note that fees can change over time, so it's important to verify the current rates from official sources or the park authorities before planning your visit.

Here are the entry fees:

Foreign Nationals:

Entry Fee: NPR 1,000 (approximately $8 USD)

Camera Fee: NPR 200 (approximately $1.60 USD)

Video Camera Fee: NPR 1,000 (approximately $8 USD)

SAARC Nationals:

Entry Fee: NPR 100 (approximately $0.80 USD)

Camera Fee: NPR 200 (approximately $1.60 USD)

Video Camera Fee: NPR 1,000 (approximately $8 USD)

Nepali Nationals:

Entry Fee: NPR 30

Camera Fee: NPR 15

Video Camera Fee: NPR 200

Do we need guide and porter for Birds watching in Kathmandu and Chitwan?

Whether you need a guide and porter for birdwatching in Kathmandu and Chitwan depends on your personal preferences, experience level, and the specific goals of your birdwatching trip. Here are some factors to consider:


Expertise: Having a local birdwatching guide who is knowledgeable about the local bird species, their habitats, behaviors, and calls can greatly enhance your birdwatching experience. They can help you locate and identify birds more effectively.

Maximize Sightings: Guides are familiar with the best birdwatching spots and can increase your chances of spotting a variety of bird species.

Safety: In unfamiliar areas or wilderness environments, a guide can provide an extra level of safety and navigation expertise.


Carrying Equipment: If you have a lot of camera gear or equipment, a porter can help carry the load, allowing you to focus on birdwatching.

Physical Comfort: Having a porter to carry your heavy items can make your trekking or birdwatching experience more comfortable.

How much does the elephant safari cost in Chitwan?

The cost of an elephant safari in Chitwan National Park can vary based on factors such as the duration of the safari, the type of package, and the tour operator you choose. Please note that prices can change over time, so it's important to verify the current rates from official sources or the park authorities before planning your visit.

Here's a rough estimate of the costs for an elephant safari in Chitwan:

Regular Elephant Safari:

The cost for a regular elephant safari can range from approximately NPR 1,500 to 2,500 (approximately $12 to $20 USD) per person for foreigners.

The price may be lower for SAARC nationals and Nepali citizens.

Tharu Village and Elephant Safari Combo:

Some packages combine an elephant safari with a visit to a local Tharu village, offering a cultural experience along with the safari.

Prices for these combined packages can vary, but they might start from approximately NPR 2,500 to 3,500 (approximately $20 to $27 USD) per person for foreigners.

Jungle Walk and Elephant Safari Combo:

Another option is to combine an elephant safari with a guided jungle walk. This allows you to experience the park from both an elevated view on the elephant and a closer perspective on foot.

Prices for combined packages like these could start from around NPR3,000 to 4,000 (approximately $23 to $31 USD) per person for foreigners.

Client Reviews

Arbind Yadav


1st Sep, 2023

I recently had the privilege of embarking on the Kathmandu - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd, and I must say, it was an experience beyond my expectations. From the moment I made my initial inquiry until the end of the tour, the team at Actual Adventure ensured that every aspect of the journey was seamless and enjoyable. The tour started in Kathmandu, where I was greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable guide who provided me with insightful information about the upcoming adventure. The drive to Chitwan was not only comfortable but also filled with picturesque views of the Nepalese countryside. Once in Chitwan, the accommodations provided by Actual Adventure were top-notch, offering a perfect blend of comfort and immersion in nature. The highlight of the tour, of course, was the bird watching itself. The guides from Actual Adventure were true experts in the field, possessing an incredible ability to spot and identify a wide variety of bird species. They provided fascinating facts about each bird's behavior, habitat, and conservation status, enhancing the overall experience. Exploring the Chitwan National Park was a true delight. The lush forests,... See more serene rivers, and diverse landscapes created an ideal setting for bird watching. I was fortunate enough to witness some rare and exotic bird species that I had only seen in books and documentaries before. One aspect that truly stood out during the tour was Actual Adventure's commitment to responsible tourism and conservation. They emphasized the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment and respecting the wildlife. This approach added an ethical dimension to the tour that I greatly appreciated. The tour also included cultural interactions with local communities, allowing me to gain insights into the traditional way of life in Nepal. These interactions added depth to the journey, giving me a well-rounded experience beyond just bird watching. In conclusion, my Kathmandu - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd was an unforgettable adventure filled with breathtaking bird sightings, knowledgeable guides, comfortable accommodations, and a strong emphasis on responsible tourism. If you're a nature enthusiast or a bird lover, I wholeheartedly recommend embarking on this tour. Actual Adventure exceeded my expectations in every way, and I am grateful for the memories and knowledge I gained during this remarkable journey. See less...

Samikshya Sud


15th Dec, 2022

My Kathmandu - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd was a delightful journey into the heart of Nepal's natural beauty. From the moment I arrived in Kathmandu to the serene days spent bird watching in Chitwan National Park, this tour exceeded all expectations. The guides' expertise in identifying and explaining the diverse bird species was truly impressive, and the accommodations were comfortable and well-situated in the midst of nature. I was not only captivated by the avian wonders but also deeply appreciative of Actual Adventure's dedication to responsible tourism and environmental conservation. This tour is a must for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, and I wholeheartedly commend Actual Adventure for their exceptional service and commitment to preserving Nepal's natural treasures.

Olivia Wilson


17th Nov, 2022

My recent Kathmandu - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd was an absolute delight. From the moment I landed in Kathmandu to the tranquil days spent in Chitwan, every aspect of this tour was impeccably planned and executed. The expertise of the guides in identifying and sharing insights about the myriad bird species was truly impressive, making the bird watching experience educational and enjoyable. The accommodations were not only comfortable but also immersed in the stunning natural surroundings of Chitwan National Park. I also commend Actual Adventure for their strong commitment to responsible tourism and conservation, which added a meaningful dimension to the trip. If you're a bird enthusiast or simply seeking a serene nature retreat, this tour with Actual Adventure is a must-try, and I couldn't be happier with the experience they provided.

Jackson Taylor


23rd Oct, 2022

My recent journey with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd on the Kathmandu, Shivapuri, and Phulchowki - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour in Nepal was a truly extraordinary adventure. This comprehensive tour took me on a bird watching odyssey through various ecosystems in Nepal, and it exceeded all my expectations. Starting in Kathmandu, I was immediately impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Actual Adventure team. Exploring the lush Shivapuri and Phulchowki hills was a birdwatcher's dream come true. The guides demonstrated remarkable expertise in spotting and identifying a wide array of avian species, from the high-elevation treasures of Shivapuri to the dense forests of Chitwan National Park. Their informative insights into bird behavior and habitat added depth to the experience. The accommodations provided were not only comfortable but also strategically located to immerse us in nature's beauty. From the serene surroundings of the hills to the wild ambiance of Chitwan, I felt deeply connected to the environment throughout the tour. One of the standout features of this tour was Actual Adventure's commitment to responsible tourism and conservation. Their dedication... See more to preserving Nepal's natural heritage and supporting local communities was evident throughout the journey and added a meaningful layer to the experience. In conclusion, the Kathmandu, Shivapuri, and Phulchowki - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd was a remarkable journey that combined birdwatching, cultural immersion, and environmental stewardship in a seamless and unforgettable package. I wholeheartedly recommend this tour to bird enthusiasts and nature lovers seeking an in-depth exploration of Nepal's avian wonders and scenic beauty. My gratitude goes out to Actual Adventure for making this adventure an enriching and memorable one. See less...

Isabella Clark


23rd Sep, 2022

My Kathmandu, Shivapuri, and Phulchowki - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd was an extraordinary journey. The guides' expertise, stunning locations, and commitment to conservation left a profound impression. If you're a bird enthusiast seeking an immersive Nepal experience, this tour is a must. Thank you, Actual Adventure, for this unforgettable adventure.

Ethan Harris


14th Mar, 2022

My Kathmandu, Shivapuri, and Phulchowki - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd was a remarkable journey that seamlessly combined cultural immersion, birdwatching, and environmental conservation. The expertise of the guides, who effortlessly identified and educated us about Nepal's diverse bird species, was truly commendable. The accommodations were comfortable, and the tour's emphasis on responsible tourism and conservation added a meaningful dimension to the adventure. I wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone seeking an authentic and unforgettable exploration of Nepal's natural and cultural treasures.

Birendra Balayar


18th Apr, 2023

My recent Kathmandu, Shivapuri, and Phulchowki - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd was an absolute delight from start to finish. The passionate and knowledgeable guides made every birdwatching moment a joy, whether in the hills of Shivapuri and Phulchowki or amidst the lush landscapes of Chitwan. The accommodations were cozy, and the tour's focus on responsible tourism resonated with my values as a traveler. This tour is a must for anyone who seeks a deep connection with nature and a profound appreciation for Nepal's avian treasures. Kudos to Actual Adventure for curating such a wonderful experience.

Saugat Bolakhe


23rd Mar, 2023

My Kathmandu, Shivapuri, and Phulchowki - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd was a captivating journey that brought me closer to Nepal's natural wonders. The guides' expertise and enthusiasm for birdwatching were infectious, making each sighting a thrilling experience. The accommodations were comfortable, providing a much-needed retreat after days of exploration. What impressed me most was Actual Adventure's commitment to sustainability and conservation; their dedication to preserving the environment and supporting local communities truly stood out. If you're an avid birder or simply crave an enriching adventure, I highly recommend this tour—it's an unforgettable blend of wildlife discovery and cultural immersion.

Anish Mohhamad


3rd Aug, 2023

My journey on the Kathmandu, Shivapuri, and Phulchowki - Chitwan Bird Watching Tour with Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd was a symphony of natural beauty, educational insights, and unforgettable moments. From the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the tranquil hills of Shivapuri and Phulchowki, and finally to the vibrant ecosystem of Chitwan, this tour provided an enchanting variety of experiences. The guides were not only experts in their field but also passionate storytellers who brought the avian wonders of Nepal to life. The accommodations were a cozy retreat, and Actual Adventure's unwavering commitment to responsible tourism and conservation left me with a deep sense of respect for this company. If you're seeking an adventure that combines birdwatching, cultural immersion, and a genuine commitment to protecting the environment, this tour is an absolute must. My heartfelt thanks to Actual Adventure for crafting such a remarkable journey.

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