Kathmandu to Lukla Drop By Helicopter

Kathmandu to Lukla Drop By Helicopter

Kathmandu to Lukla Drop By Helicopter


Duration: 1 Hour

Private Charter cost: US$ 2500

Cost Group join : $500

Group Size: Max 5 persons

Allowed Weight: 400kg

Max Altitude:2830 M

Trip Start/End: Lukla or Kathmandu 

Best Season:   All time of the year 

Grade: Luxurious



Kathmandu to Lukla Flight is being operated from Manthali Airport due to the runway maintenance, construction and renovation process of Tribhuvan International Airport and is opened only at 8 am to 10pm. After 8am there is a lot of air traffic and the flights to Lukla often get cancelled or delay for hours due to unfavorable weather. We suggest you to catch up the first flight as far as possible. 



  • Daily Flights are available throughout the year from Kathmandu and Manthali Airport 
  • Delightful view of 18 different mountain ranges including 4 of height more than 8000m
  • Greenery hills and continuous waterfalls
  • Lukla airstrip runway surrounded by high mountains, small huts and houses, and alpine forests
  • Fly over clouds and high snowy landscapes
  • Observe exotic flora and fauna
  • Minimal cost of flight tickets and airport expenses

Quick Contact for Booking Your Tickets: Viber or WeChat. Call US at Whatsapp https://wa.me/9779801112358

Flying to Lukla by helicoptercan be the best alternatives to avoid the delay and cancel of the Lukla Flights by fixed wing. Lukla is the main gateway to the trekkers trekking in the Everest Region. Since, Lukla flightis the sloe vehicle in the Everest Region Lukla is the main hub for traders and trekkers in the Everest Region. Lukla airport gets super busy during the peak tourist seasons landing about 20 to 30 aircrafts every day in March to May and September to December. During seasons it is very difficult to get the flights in a short notice. You need to book the tickets before one month or earlier during peak seasons. To reach to Lukla on your scheduled time flying by Helicopters can be another option to flight. 

Why fly by Helicopters to Lukla from Kathmandu?

Less Chance of Cancellation

Helicopters are the best alternative to Lukla flights. The helicopter flight can be booked easily and are less cancelled. The helicopter can fly if the visibility is 1500m or greater, while the twin otter and Dornier planes can fly if the visibility is 5000m or greater, as per Nepal’s Civil Aviation rules. However, if the weather is extreme and the visibility is lesser than 1500m helicopters cannot be operated.

Safer than the regular flights.

Flying to Lukla by helicopteris safer than the regular flights. Although there has not been any serious accidents in recent years the Lukla airport is regarded as one of the most dangerous airstrips in the world because of its difficult topography and short runway. Flying to Lukla by helicopteris safer because it can land anywhere and can fly in less visibility as well. 

Don’t have to miss International Flights

Flying to Lukla by helicopters is the best option to complete your trek as per your itinerary without wasting any extra days waiting for the flight. Since, the Lukla weather is unpredictable and the flight can be delayed for several hours or several days. Flying to Lukla by helicopterreduces your risk of missing your international flight and helps you to complete the trek as planned. 

No need to drive to Manthali 

Helicopters Flight from Lukla to Kathmandu 

Are you worried about the cancellation and delay of your Lukla Flight? Don’t worry we can arrange helicopter tour for you and you don’t have to miss your international flights.  If you miss your flight to Kathmandu by any reason or your flights get delayed for several hours or days then you can contact Actual Adventure Pvt.Ltd. We can arrange helicopter for you and help you to get Kathmandu on time. 

Helicopters Flight from Manthali to Lukla

The flights to Lukla are being operated by Manthali Airport because of the re-construction process going on in Tribhuvan International Airport. Manthali Airport is the closest airport from Kathmandu. It is located in Ramechaap District of Nepal in Province no.3. It takes about 4 hours to reach Manthali Airport from Kathmandu.  Since the condition of the road is not so good you may not reach there in exact time. The bus departs at early 2am from Kathmandu and since the accommodations are less in Manthali driving from Kathmandu is an only option. Since it is a long route there is possibility of missing the flight. In case you miss the flight or your flight gets cancelled you can contact Actual Adventure Pvt.Ltd. We will help you to arrange helicopter flights and complete your trek in the scheduled time. 

How many people can fly in a helicopter at a time?

The helicopter can carry up to 5 passengers at a time. The maximum weight that a helicopter can carry is up to 500kg.  

Group Joining Helicopter Flight 

If you are travelling to Lukla alone and want to fly by helicopter then we can also arrange group joining helicopter flight to Lukla. Since there are regular helicopter flights to Lukladuring peak tourist seasons we can book a flight for you from Kathmandu – Lukla or Lukla- Kathmandu. 

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Cost.

The payment for helicopter must be paid at time of service by participant. US dollars cash or credit cards (Visa Cards, Master Cards, and American Express) are accepted for helicopter transport. Any card payment requires a 4% bank fee, which goes directly to the bank.

Kathmandu- Lukla- Kathmandu Helicopter Flight Cost

Destination                             Private Helicopter Cost and Weight                         Sharing Helicopter Cost

Kathmandu – Lukla                USD 2500 (Maximum 5 people inclusive weight 500 kg)                 USD 500 Per Person

Lukla – Kathmandu                USD 2500 (Maximum 5 people inclusive weight 500 kg)                 USD 500 Per Person

How to Book a Helicopter to Lukla?

To book a helicopter flight to Lukla to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Lukla from Actual Adventure Pvt.Ltd you will need to pay 50 percent of the total amount as advance for the confirmation of booking. The remaining amount can be paid before the flight. It will be our first priority to provide immediate service to our customers. There are only limited helicopters in Nepal and the demand highly increases during peak tourist season. In such case, it may not be possible for your instant helicopter flight. 

Cancellation Policy.

If you have to cancel your flight due to any reasons then please kindly inform us. The flight cancellation should be made before 48 hours. USD 100 is charged as cancellation charge and the remaining amount will be returned back.

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