Cho Oyu Expedition
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Cho Oyu Expedition

A Cho Oyu expedition refers to an organized mountaineering journey to reach the summit of Cho Oyu, which is the sixth-highest mountain in the world. Here is some key information about Cho Oyu , We offer Fixed Departure  for 2024, 2025

Trip Duration:

54 days

Trekking area:

Cho Oyu

Group Size:

Min - 2

Maximum altitude:


Best Season:

Autumn / Spring


Private car / Flight

Trekking grade:


Trek Start from:


Trek End at:


Mode of Trek:


Overview of Cho Oyu Expedition

We offer Cho Oyu Expedition Every year with reasoanble cost and provide best Sherpa guide. Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world having an altitude of 8,188 meters above sea level. It lies in the border between Nepal and China. Among all the highest 8 thousanders peaks of the word the Cho Oyu Mountain is the mountain having highest success rate and lowest death rate.

Actual Adventure Cho Oyu 8201 Expedition Overview

Embark on the ultimate adventure with Actual Adventure, your trusted expedition organizer, and conquer the majestic Cho Oyu 8201M. As the sixth-highest mountain globally, Cho Oyu offers a unique and accessible challenge, making it the ideal choice for both aspiring and seasoned mountaineers.

Why Cho Oyu 8201M?

Cho Oyu stands out as the easiest and safest among the renowned 8,000-meter peaks, providing an excellent opportunity for mountaineers to test their skills or prepare for more challenging summits like Mount Everest. With a moderate technical difficulty level, Cho Oyu is perfect for intermediate climbers eager to explore high-altitude Himalayan climbing.

Pre-Requisite Requirements

To join this expedition, participants should have completed at least two 6000M & 7000M+ multi-pitch climbing experiences, such as Lobuche East, Island Peak, Chulu West, Khumbu 3 Peak, Mt. Blanc, Baruntse, Himlung Himal, and Ama Dablam. Proficiency in multi-pitch climbing (rock or ice) up to grades 5-9+/- to 5.10 a,b,c is required.

Expedition Highlights

  • Summiting Cho Oyu 8201M
  • West Ridge route on the West face of Cho Oyu
  • 29 days in the remote alpine environment
  • 1:1 Guide/Client ratio throughout the expedition
  • Advanced BC, Camp 1-3 strategy with rotation and rest days

Expedition Goals

At Actual Adventure, our focus is on summit success with high safety standards, creating a fun and memorable climbing experience. We strive to be a beacon for responsible, ethical, and sustainable expedition operations. Our commitment includes assembling the best climbing guide leaders.


Days 1-4 & 41: Hotel in Kathmandu. and rest lodge and tent

Expedition Route

West Ridge, Tibet, with strategic camps at Advanced Base Camp (5800M), Cho Oyu Camp 1 (6500M), Cho Oyu Camp 2 (7100M), Cho Oyu Camp 3 (7400M), and the Cho Oyu Summit (8201M).

This mountain is the second most climbed mountain after Everest. The mountain was first climbed on October 19, 1954 by Herbert Tichy and Pasang Dawa Lama via the north-west ridge. The first winter ascent was done by Maciej Berbeka and Maciej Pawlikowski on February 12, 1985.

Mount Cho Oyu Expedition is the best for anyone searching for a mountain with easy trials. Cho Oyu Expedition is also suitable for beginner mountaineers. Because of its easier trials Cho Oyu also marked as a ‘Trekking Peak’ available for climbers with low mountaineering experience. The death rate of the climbers during the summit of the mountain is only 1.4%. The mountain climbing will be even easier by the team of experienced guides and porters that we provide who will give their best to make your dream come true. 

A Cho Oyu expedition refers to an organized mountaineering journey to reach the summit of Cho Oyu, which is the sixth-highest mountain in the world. Here is some key information about Cho Oyu and what a typical Cho Oyu expedition entails:

Cho Oyu: Cho Oyu is located in the Himalayas on the border between Nepal and Tibet (China). It stands at an elevation of 8,188 meters (26,864 feet) above sea level. Due to its height and relatively less technical difficulty compared to some other 8,000-meter peaks, Cho Oyu is a popular destination for mountaineers.

Expedition Planning: Planning a Cho Oyu expedition involves several important steps, including obtaining permits, arranging logistics, assembling a team, and preparing for the climb. Expeditions typically require a good deal of preparation, including physical training, equipment acquisition, and acclimatization.

Permits: Climbers must obtain permits to climb Cho Oyu. These permits are typically issued by the government of Nepal or the Chinese government (if approaching from Tibet). It's essential to comply with all local regulations and to work with reputable expedition companies that can assist with obtaining the necessary permits.

Logistics: Expedition organizers or guiding companies often handle logistics such as transportation to the base camp, setting up high-altitude camps, providing food and equipment, and organizing rescue services in case of emergencies.

Acclimatization: Climbers must acclimatize to the high altitude to reduce the risk of altitude sickness and increase their chances of a successful summit bid. This involves spending time at different elevations to allow the body to adapt to lower oxygen levels.

Climbing Routes: There are several routes to the summit of Cho Oyu, with the northwest route from Tibet and the southwest route from Nepal being the most commonly used. The choice of route often depends on the climber's preferences and logistical considerations.

Climbing Season: The best time for a Cho Oyu expedition is typically during the spring and autumn seasons when weather conditions are more stable, and there is less risk of avalanches and storms. Spring expeditions usually take place from April to May, while autumn expeditions are typically in September and October.

Challenges: Climbing Cho Oyu is still a significant mountaineering challenge due to its extreme altitude and the risk of severe weather, avalanches, and altitude-related illnesses. Climbers need to be well-prepared physically and mentally for these challenges.

Summit Bid: The final push for the summit usually involves establishing high-altitude camps and making several rotations to higher elevations to acclimatize before the actual summit bid. The summit attempt is the most demanding part of the expedition, often requiring a strenuous climb in challenging conditions.

Safety: Safety is paramount during a Cho Oyu expedition. Experienced guides and expedition leaders are crucial for ensuring the safety of the climbers, and they make decisions regarding the timing of the summit attempt based on weather conditions and the team's physical condition.

A successful Cho Oyu expedition is a significant achievement in the world of mountaineering, and it provides climbers with a stunning view from one of the tallest peaks on Earth. However, it's important to note that climbing high-altitude mountains like Cho Oyu carries inherent risks, and climbers should be well-prepared and aware of the potential dangers involved.

Cho Oyu Expedition Itinerary
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Upon arrival in Kathmandu, you will be met by your expedition leader and transferred to your hotel. You will have a briefing about your expedition and have time to rest and acclimatize.

Breakfast / Lunch /Dinner

You will spend the day sightseeing in Kathmandu, visiting famous landmarks such as Swayambhunath and Boudhanath Stupa. In the afternoon, you will have a final gear check and make any necessary purchases or rental arrangements.

Breakfast / Lunch /Dinner

You will leave Kathmandu and drive to Kodari, which is on the border between Nepal and Tibet. You will spend the night in Kodari.

You will cross the border into Tibet and drive to Nyalam. This is the first day of your acclimatization process, and you will spend the night in Nyalam to continue acclimatizing.

You will take a rest day in Nyalam to acclimatize to the altitude.

You will drive to Tingri, which is located at the base of Cho Oyu. This is your final stop before beginning the trek to Base Camp.

You will trek to Cho Oyu Base Camp over the course of three days, passing through beautiful mountain scenery and stopping at various camps along the way.

Over the next 13 days, you will begin your ascent of Cho Oyu, moving up the mountain and setting up camps at various altitudes. Your guide will help you acclimate to the high altitude and make sure you are following safe climbing practices.


You will take a rest day at Camp 2 to recover and prepare for the higher altitudes.

Over the next nine days, you will continue your ascent of Cho Oyu, moving up the mountain and setting up camps at higher altitudes. Your guide will help you acclimate to the high altitude and make sure you are following safe climbing practices.

You will take a rest day at Camp 3 to recover and prepare for the summit push.

Over the next three days, you will make your final ascent to the summit of Cho Oyu. After reaching the summit, you will begin your descent back to Base Camp.

You will spend several days resting and recovering at Base Camp before beginning the trek back to Tingri.

You will trek back to Tingri over the course of four days, then drive back to Lhasa.

You will have a few days to explore Lhasa and experience its culture and history.

You will have two days to rest and prepare for your departure from Lhasa.

You will drive to Kodari and cross the border back into Nepal.

You will drive from the border to Kathmandu and spend a few daysDay 55: Departure from Kathmandu
This is the final day of your Cho Oyu expedition. You will be transferred to the airport for your departure flight.

Note: It's important to keep in mind that this itinerary is just an example and can vary depending on the weather conditions, group's acclimatization and other factors. It's also recommended to have a few extra days in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Breakfast / Lunch /Dinner

Cho Oyu Expedition Include / Exclude

Cost Includes

  • All arrival and departure transfer services to and from international airport with other necessary surface transportation as per itinerary by representative of Actual Adventure.
  • 5 night request star hotel accommodation in Kathmandu as per itinerary.
  • International flight Kathmandu- Lhasa
  • Truck for expedition equipment from Kathmandu-Kerung-Kathmandu.
  • Land Transportation from KTM-KERUNG-KTM for Climbing members and Staff.
  • Chinese custom clearances at the border
  • Chinese Government Royalty for Cho-Oyu Expedition for group and climbing Sherpa guide.
  • Chinese visa for climbing period, both Base Camp staff, Sherpa and group;
  • 1:1 Climbing Sherpa guide each member and leaders will be included.
  • TMA or CTMA selected English speaking Chinese liaison officer and interpreter
  • All camping equipment in Base camp and Advance Base Camp;
  • Full Board hotel in route in Tibet:Lhasa,Tingri (B/L/D) (provided by CTMA);
  • Food during expedition period for expedition members and staff;
  • Tibet Visa and Travel Permit for expedition crew;
  • Expedition Permit to climbing Cho Oyu along northwest ridge route;
  • Permanent kitchen facilities at advance base camp.
  • All staff during Expedition period with experienced guide (Base Camp Manager) as per group size.
  • Surface transportation will be available as per itinerary;
  • Cargo clearance & duties assistance service free;
  • Daily wages, equipment allowance & insurance for expedition staff;
  • Gamow Bag will be available for expedition group;
  • Solar panel for light and batteries charger will be available for expedition members;
  • Quality personal tent at base camp and advance base camp
  • Permanent kitchen and dining facilities at advance base camp
  • Shower facility at base camp and advance base camp
  • All necessary climbing hardware and ropes.
  • Preferable meals at BC, ABC, higher camps, Hot drinks and beverages, freeze dried food during expedition
  • 24 hours hot drinks and beverage during expedition
  • Quality high altitude freeze dried food for Sherpa and staff;
  • 2 Oxygen Bottles with mask and regulators (if requested by client)
  • All expenses of Climbing Sherpa including Sherpa's tents, food for climbing, and insurance.
  • Ice falls charges, all high quality tent for  higher camps 1, 2, 3 •
  • EPI gas and burners  for cooking food above base camp;
  • All wages, equipment, medical and accidental Insurances for cook, climbing Sherap guide and base camp staff.
  •  All necessary camping equipment's like camp furniture, kitchenware, dining tents, guest tents, kitchen tent, shower, toilet tents etc.
  • Per person 50kg baggage allowance during trekking-up and down carrying by Yak;
  • Truck will be provided at Kerung boarder -Chinese base camp and return Kerung for loads;
  • Yaks curry the loads from Chinese base camp to middle camp to advance base camp and return;
  • Required experienced, trained and Government Licensed climbing guide(s) during climbing period per person as per requirements.
  • First Aid medical kits for the group and the staff.
  • Satellite phone carrying by guide for communication and available for members with the cost of US$ 3 per minute call.
  • Appropriate food for high altitude and all climbing crew at base camp and above as required.
  • Emergency oxygen and mask regulator.
  • All necessary paper works, office Service charge and Government Taxes levied in Nepal
  • Complete pre-departure information, flight ticket reconfirmation and visa extension procedure services (if necessary)
  • Farewell dinner in a typical Nepali restaurant with domestic culture show in Kathmandu before departure.
  • Actual Adventure Special Gifts as souvenir. 
  • Office service charges

Cost Excludes

  • Lunch and Dinner during your stay in Kathmandu (except for the farewell dinner)
  • Any packed food/snacks, aerated drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates, nutria-bars during the trekking.
  • Items of personal nature, Laundry Expenses, Tips.
  • Any extra expenses arising out of various/unforeseen situations like natural calamities, landslides, political disturbances, strikes, changes in Government regulations, etc.
  • Extra transportation then display in itinerary program.
  • Any additional staff other than specified.
  • Rescue, Repatriation, Medicines, Medical Tests and Hospitalization expenses.
  • Medical Insurance and emergency rescue evacuation if required.
  • Travel Insurance and helicopter rescue.
  • Wallie-talkies & Filming permit (if special camera or walkies-talkies).
  • Personal climbing gears;
  • Expenses incurred towards usage of landlines, mobiles, walkies-talkies or satellite phone And Internet expenses
  • Clothing, Packing Items or Bags, Personal Medical Kit, Camera/Video Fees or Trekking Gears
  • Nepal custom duty for import of expedition goods.
  • Summit bonus for climbing Sherpa Guides as per Mountaineering Association rules. Minimum US$ 1000.00 per climbing Sherpa guide.
  • Tips and gifts for base camp and high altitude trekking and climbing staff.
  • Airfare of international flights.
  • Summit bonus for climbing Sherpa guide, minimum US$ 1000.00 per climbing Sherpa guide. 
  • Nepal entry and re-entry visa fee (Visa issuance on arrival in Kathmandu)
  • Any extra services or products or offers or activities which are not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Any other item not included in “COST INCLUDES” section. 
Altitude Graph

it is estimated that over 4,000 climbers have successfully reached the summit of Cho Oyu. However, please note that this number may have increased since then, as mountaineering records and successful summits are updated regularly.

Climbing Cho Oyu has become more popular in recent years due to its status as one of the 8,000-meter peaks and its reputation as a less technically challenging climb compared to some of the other giants in the Himalayas. This has led to an increasing number of expeditions attempting to reach its summit.

Client Reviews

David Hayese


28th Aug, 2023

I recently had the privilege of joining a Cho Oyu Expedition, and it was an experience that exceeded all expectations. This expedition, organized by Actual Adventure, was a life-changing adventure that took me to the sixth-highest peak on our planet. Here's a review of my unforgettable journey: Preparation and Logistics (★★★★★): The expedition organizers left no stone unturned in ensuring our safety and comfort. From securing the necessary permits to arranging transportation and accommodation, everything was meticulously planned. The pre-trip briefing provided detailed information on the climb, acclimatization, and gear, helping us feels confident and well-prepared. Experienced Guides and Team (★★★★★): Our expedition was led by an outstanding team of experienced guides who knew Cho Oyu like the back of their hands. They were not only highly skilled mountaineers but also incredibly supportive and motivational throughout the journey. Their knowledge of the mountain's conditions and their decision-making skills ensured our safety and success. Acclimatization and Physical Preparation (★★★★★):  Acclimatization is key to a successful high-... See more altitude climb, and our itinerary was perfectly designed to allow our bodies to adapt gradually. We spent time at various camps, steadily gaining altitude while minimizing the risk of altitude sickness. The physical training and conditioning we underwent before the expedition proved invaluable. Climbing Experience (★★★★★): he ascent to Cho Oyu's summit was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The route, though challenging, was manageable even for climbers with moderate experience. The breathtaking views of neighboring peaks, vast glaciers, and the sheer beauty of the Himalayas made every step worthwhile. Our summit day, with clear skies and manageable weather, was a dream come true. Safety and Emergency Preparedness (★★★★★):  Safety was paramount throughout the expedition. The guides were well-equipped to handle emergencies, and we felt reassured by their expertise. Fortunately, we didn't encounter any major issues, but knowing that a well-thought-out safety plan was in place was comforting. Overall Experience (★★★★★):  Climbing Cho Oyu was an incredible adventure that pushed my limits and rewarded me with memories that will last a lifetime. The feeling of standing on the summit, surrounded by the majesty of the Himalayas, is indescribable. I owe this unforgettable experience to the excellent organization, expert guidance, and unwavering support of the entire team. In conclusion, my Cho Oyu Expedition with Actual Adventure was an absolute triumph. If you're considering embarking on a high-altitude adventure, I wholeheartedly recommend Cho Oyu, and I can't speak highly enough of the exceptional team that made it possible. This expedition has left an indelible mark on my life, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity. Thank you again whole team, Dawa, Lakpa and Pasanag   See less...

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