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Clients' Reference/ Testimonials

Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd., adventure holiday service provider in Nepal has been established by a group of young, energetic, highly experienced and qualified personals. The main aim of this company is to promote Nepal tourism destinations. Many adventure activities that are new for adventure lovers from the globe. We are very conscious about the ecology, mountain divers and cultural norms. We are very serious in service for our clients. You can visit what our clients' say below.

Thrilling Experience!

It was a thrilling experience in Nepal and I must say it is a best destination for adventure seekers. My Nepal Adventure tour with Actual Adventure was a lifetime experience which I’ll cherish for. I did a lot of adventures where rafting and paragliding were the best one. The services were great and safety considerations were very strict. So all the adventures were very safe and secure. I highly recommend this company to everyone. 

Adventurous tour with Actual Adventure!

I’m always an adventure seeker and what else could be a best place for adventure rather than Nepal. I did Nepal Adventure Tour with Actual Adventure and it was a wonderful experience. The itinerary was well planned and included the best adventures. Kedar and Sujan managed everything so perfectly. Rafting and Bunjee jump was a thrilling and terrific experience. Sujan was with us as our travel guide he managed everything and used to ask a lot of question for our safe adventure with the agents. He made our journey more memorable. All the services were exceeding and I had the best adventures of my life. 

Upper Mustang 2014!

To everyone out there looking for a company that offers you great deals with excellent management and remarkable services this is the right place and I suggest Actual Adventure for everyone. I did the Upper Mustang Trek with them and I personally found this company better than other local companies I’ve travelled before. The guide was very friendly, well trained and hospitable. The management, itinerary and services were excellent and the price was reasonable as well. I am very happy with everyone and will be back soon for another trek. 

Amazing Trip! November

It was an amazing trek to Upper Mustang and I loved the services of Actual Adventure. I am very much thankful to all the team members and especially Kedar, Sujan and my guide Pasang for their assistance during my Nepal stay. The place was extraordinary and the guide was best one could have ever asked for. I thoroughly enjoyed the trek interacting with the locals, knowing their traditions, cultures and tasting their delicious delicacies with Pasang. He took a very good care of me and I’m very happy with their services. 

Lovely Upper Mustang Trek!

Upper Mustang Trekking is one of the great experiences of a lifetime. I did the trek with Actual Adventure and Kedar perfectly managed everything including domestic tickets and special permits. The guide was great and very friendly and the accommodation and foods were mind-blowing. Thank you for the brilliant service and I highly recommend this company to everyone. 

Upper Mustang Trek 2017!

I did Upper Mustang trek with my husband and it was an interesting trek of lifetime. The beauty of Mustang region and walled city Lo Manthang was very astounding and the guide Phurba was very friendly and helpful. We could say him anything and he would have managed in no seconds being probably the best guide one could ever have wished for. Everything was perfectly managed from our landing to departure. The accommodations were very comfortable with available hot water shower. It was very difficult to walk during some trials because of the wind blowing the dust. I suggest everyone to have sunglasses with you otherwise the dust particles may enter into your eyes. These were just the natural barriers but otherwise the company’s service was great and wonderful. I highly suggest this company to everyone. 

Awesome Upper Mustang Trek!

Kedar and his versatile team members did a great job making our trip to Upper Mustang a memory we will be treasuring for the lifetime. Everything was very well managed and we were provided with best possible facilities like rooms with attached bathrooms and hot shower facilities, healthy and delicious meals, complementary tea and coffees and much more. The guide was very talented and friendly. If ever I’ll be travelling to Nepal I’ll surely choose this company again. 

Splendid Trekking! October

Upper Mustang is one of my unique and favorite destinations I’ve visited so far. The incredible services of Actual Adventure and our friendly and ever smiling guide Pasang made the trek even more amazing.  I can highly recommend this company for the remarkable service they offer to their customers. Their warm loving hospitality, polite behavior and perfection can attract anyone towards their company. 

Upper Mustang 2015!

I have had a heavenly trip to Upper Mustang with Actual Adventure. The place was one of the treasure on earth and even more beautiful with warm and loving guide Phurba. He was very talented and knowledgeable with the specific area. We were always updated about our next move, stop and stays. Kedar and his team provided a very promising and remarkable service. I highly recommend this company to everyone. 

Amazing Trek to Upper Mustang !

I did Upper Mustang trek of 16 days with Actual Adventure and everything was above my expectations. The place was outstanding and the facilities were great. The company provided me with comfortable and homely environment during my stay in Nepal. All the staffs were very friendly and there was no problem communicating with them because everyone was fluent English speakers. Kedar (CEO of the company) managed all the required permits, tickets and other necessary documents. Sujan (brother of Kedar and director of the company) was already there to pick up on my arrival. The accommodation and food was great and guide Pasang was very friendly. I really loved the experience with Actual Adventure and will recommend this company to everyone for any kind of adventure in Nepal. 

Great trek, Amazing place and great people. An adventure of a lifetime!

It was a great experience of my life to Upper Mustang. I enjoyed the trek and I’m glad that I did the tour with Actual Adventure. The services were remarkable and the place was outstanding. I enjoyed the drive through desert like trials and the views of the mountains were mesmerizing. I will surely join this company for my adventure. 

Upper Mustang Overland Tour 2017. Beautiful and thrilling experience over bumpy and dusty trials!

Upper Mustang is one of the most fascinating destinations I’ve been so far. I did Upper Mustang Overland Tour with Actual Adventure. It was my great pleasure to travel with such wonderful people. Everything was perfectly managed and had no problems regarding the services, accommodations and food. The transportation was very luxurious and comfortable even at such bumpy roads. The area was much like a desert yet so pure and beautiful. The team members were very effective and hardworking. I personally recommend this company to everyone. 

Great team, wonderful people, great place!

Upper Mustang was one of the most amazing tours of my life and I’m very thankful to Actual Adventure team for their kind hospitality and effort. I really loved their service and politeness to their customer. They are very much concerned for the safety, comfort and needs of the customers and I can highly recommend this company to everyone. 

An Amazing Overland tour with Actual Adventure!

It was an amazing experience with Actual Adventure to Upper Mustang. I did Upper Mustang Overland jeep tour and I’m very happy with the services. All the facilities were great and Kedar managed all the permits before our arrival. Sujan took a good care during our stay in Nepal and the guide was very respectful and humble. The driver Mohan had a great driving skill and I suggest everyone to know about the efficiency of the driver because the roads over there are a way more difficult and only professional drivers can guarantee your safety. We were very lucky choosing this company and Highly Recommended.   

Upper Mustang Overland Tour 2018!

I did Upper Mustang Overland Tour with Actual Adventure and I’m happy with their service. The customer care was great and all the staffs were very friendly and always ready to help. The vehicle was very comfortable and had the best driver and guide. The place was remarkably beautiful and had very unique cultures and traditions. The people there were very hospitable and served delicious Nepali food because of the good will of the company the people were extra hospitable for the guests of actual adventure and I was very lucky being one of them. I highly recommend this company to everyone. 

Lovely and successful trekking. Thank you everyone!

 I did the Mustang Tiji Festival trek and we were a group of 10 people. The company took a great care of us and the guides were very humble and talented. We were not experienced trekkers so some of the routes was difficult but we did it with the help of our guides and the place was remarkably beautiful. I highly recommend this company to everyone.

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival trek 2017!

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek 2017 was an experience of a lifetime. The place was blessed with abundant beauty with very unique features far from the hustle and bustles of the cities. I did the trek with Actual Adventure and very happy with their service. The guide Pasang was a very humble and down to earth person the porters were nice too. The festival occurs once a year so it was very crowded and difficult to get comfortable accommodation. But I was lucky to trek with Pasang. He managed a great accommodation with friendly owner and great food. I’m very much in love with this country and thankful to Actual Adventure. 

Amazing Festival, great team and wonderful place. Tiji Festival 2016!

We received a very grand welcome at the airport by the representatives of Actual Adventure. The guide Sujan was great and very helpful. The accommodation was very comfortable and unique. The local people were very friendly and hospitable. The guide took a great care of us and was friendly with everyone. The views of the mountains and hills were amazing and I had the best travel experience although some of the trials were very difficult. I enjoyed the Tiji festival and loved the beautiful cultural dance and music. 

Tiji Festival Trek 2014!

I did the Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek with Actual Adventure and it was an epic trek of lifetime. I’m very happy with the entire team and the festival was amazing experience. I got much more than the amount I paid for. I also get to know about the Tibetan culture and loved the cultural dances food and music. The guide Lakpa helped me to know more about the place and culture and I returned with lots of knowledge and beautiful memories. Thank you and highly recommended. 

Makalu Base Camp Trek November

I really had a remarkable trekking experience with Actual Adventure to Makalu Base Camp. Everthing was perfect and the crystal clear view of the mountains was something I adored the most. The guide was fun to be around and very attentive and the services overall were very satisfying. I recommend this company to everyone. 

Adventure of Lifetime!

Makalu Base Camp Trek was a great Adventure of a life time and it was a great pleasure to travel with Actual Adventure. I highly recommend this company to everyone seeking for an amazing company that offers a high class service in a very reliable budget. Thank you team Actual Adventures. 

Makalu Base Camp Trek October

Makalu Base Camp Trek was a great Adventure of a life time and it was a great pleasure to travel with Actual Adventure. The Sherpa guide was one of the best person I’ve ever met he managed the best and warm accommodation serving hot soup since it was very cold. The porters were very friendly and brave and it was really fun to talk with them even with their broken English.I loved the sunrise views over the mountains and so much in love with this country, its people, food, culture and everything. I highly recommend this company to everyone seeking for an amazing company that offers a high class service in a very reliable budget. Thank you team Actual Adventures. 

Lovely and adventurous trek!

It was a life time experience to Maklau Base Camp. I especially loved the kind and generous hospitality of the local people and Actual Adventure team. I did the trek with the group of 5 people and the company provided us two guides Lakpa and Pasang and three porters. The guides were very talented and porters were very friendly. The foods and accommodations were great and I would definitely recommend Actual Adventures for everyone looking for a great company to travel with.  

Amazing Makalu Base Camp trek 2016!

Thank you for such a great arrangement for our trip to Makalu Base Camp. I personally had a great time in Nepal and pleased with the magnificent beauty. I’m home with lots of positive vibes and good thoughts and it will surely help me in my coming days. Thank you once again! 

Exciting Makalu Base Camp Trek 2014!

Makalu Base Camp is one of the adventurous treks of a lifetime. I wanted to trek to the less popular route so I thought of trekking to Makalu base camp. I surfed for the trekking companies and opted for Actual Adventure. I was lucky choosing one of the best companies around Kathmandu. Kedar showed a great hospitality and managed everything in a perfect way. The view of the snow capped mountains, rivers and green forests were amazing and the guides and porters were great and very helpful during the whole trek overall I had the best trek of my life. I highly recommend this company. 

Lovely Trek!

I thoroughly enjoyed the flight to Lukla and helicopter ride to the Everest Base Camp and the views was magnificent. The Everest seems more beautiful and amazing than my imagination. The region was extremely beautiful and blessed by nature. Namche Bazaar looked magnificent from above and it was a nostalgic moment. Thankful to the entire team of Actual Adventure. 

Heavenly Trip!

Everest Base Camp helicopter trek has been the most wonderful trek of lifetime with so much adventures and fun. I want to thank to the team of Actual Adventure for organizing such a nice trip in a very short notice. The views were breathtakingly beautiful and magnificent. I was blessed with good weather and great people to travel with. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I would highly recommend this company for the best travel experience. 

Amazing Everest, Beautiful Nepal! Heli tour

I was in search of a wonderful tour since long but had no idea about where to go and what to do for. I asked my friend and one of my friend suggested Nepal and Everest Base Camp helicopter tour for a wonderful trip. I searched on the web and found out Actual Adventure. I mailed Kedar and his response was very quick and nice. He had managed everything for me on my arrival and the guide was great. It was an enthralling experience and I highly recommend this company to everyone. 

EBC Helicopter Tour October 2017

Since I’m not a professional trekker and trekking is not my cup of tea but exploring the mountains has always been my biggest dream. Everest Base camp Helicopter Tour made one of my biggest dreams come true and I’m very thankful to Actual Adventures group. It was the most adventurous tour of my life and I’m in love with the mountains. The scenic flight to Lukla was also an exciting part of the journey. All the services of the company were great and I’m very satisfied with my tour. 

Amazing Helicopter ride!

Everest Helicopter Tour was an amazing lifetime experience. This was a surprise gift for my wife on our 25th anniversary. The view from the window was heavenly.  I had personally known sujan during my trek to ABC with Actual Adventures and we were very good friends since then. Kedar also arranged us a candle light dinner for us. My wife was very happy with my gift and I want to thank Kedar for a wonderful management. I highly recommend Kedar and his company. 

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